Atlanta Choong-Sil Kwan Tae Kwon Do is dedicated to providing a positive pro-social environment in which traditional martial arts values may be fostered. We believe that it is equally important to help students develop confidence, respect, and discipline, as it is to develop excellent physical martial arts skill.

At Atlanta Choong-Sil Kwan Tae Kwon Do, we are committed to motivate people to achieve their goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle in an exciting and challenging environment. Although we honor Taekwondo traditions that go back centuries, we are dynamic and are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to enthuse and excite our students.

Atlanta Choong-Sil Kwan Taekwondo is a proud member of the Choong-Sil Taekwondo Federation, www.choongsil.com, and is affiliated with the World Taekwondo Alliance, www.wtaonline.net. These memberships allow members of our school to receive the highest level of Taekwondo certification in the world today. It also permits members to compete on an international level.



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Classes for Teens and Adults

Students of all ages have enjoyed becoming physical fit, losing weight, relieving stress, and regaining flexibility. All students also learn self-defense and become better able to face any of life’s challenges with confidence. Students learn how to set and accomplish goals which leads to an improvement in self-esteem.


Physical Well-Being: Taekwondo helps to tone and strengthen the body without the use of weights. Taekwondo stretches also help improve flexibility. It also helps improve coordination and balance. Doing these things leads to stress relief.

Self-Defense: Taekwondo gives you techniques and strategies to help defend yourself. We also incorporate aspects of Hap Ki Do to aid in this.

Self-Improvement: Taekwondo helps improve self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-discipline. It also gives you a positive attitude and teaches you respect for yourself and others. Taekwondo helps to improve concentration, which leads to improved grades and work performance and personal success as an individual.

Goal Setting: Taekwondo helps in learning to set goals beyond your current limitations and then achieve those goals.


Transported Martial Arts Program

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Different By Design

The mission of our Transported Afterschool Program is to prepare youth for infinite success through a philosophy based on “constant and never ending improvement” in which youth are empowered to set and reach goals beyond their current limitations as they mature to become confident, independent, and successful individuals.

Simply put, we offer more value—for you and your child—than standard afterschool programs. They’ll love the fun and games and become safer with our self-defense, awareness and anti-bullying training, in which they will participate everyday. You’ll appreciate the valuable character lessons they’ll learn.

Spring Break & Summer Camps

At our Taekwondo school, we offer a full-day Spring Break and Summer Camp that does not just occupy your child’s time or simply keep them entertained. We challenge the children who come to our camp. We energize the children throughout each camp day with activities that are both FUN and FULFILLING – EVERYONE participates and NO ONE criticizes. We strive to instill a sense of accomplishment and self-value through fun and exercise. We try to create an atmosphere in our camp that balances teamwork with individual growth to encourage the children to try harder to accomplish their goals. This may sound like a real challenge for a camp, but all of these concepts are core values in the martial arts we teach to our students every day.

We will not simply entertain your children with busy-work. We have daily schedules that will include both indoor and outside events. We plan weekly off-site activities to make the most of their break – bowling, swimming, nature hikes just to name a few. We will have movies and other quiet time activities as well. By keeping a balance of different types of activities, we feel the summer is more fun and more interesting for the children.

One more thing that you should consider as a parent. In addition to the arts and crafts that some Spring Break and Summer Camps will be teaching your children, we will also add Safety and Self-Defense training that may make a critical difference to your child someday. Some of these topics will be “Stranger Awareness”, “What to do about Bullies”, and basic self-defense. The instructors for our Spring Break and Summer Camp will include some of the senior students and instructors from our Taekwondo school so you know your children will be well-monitored during all of their activities and they will be as safe as we can make them.

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Skillz Fit

The “Fit” in SKILLZ Fit stands for: Functional Interval Training. This program incorporates basic martial arts techniques with four different types of classes, each targeting two fitness skills.

This format maximizes the growth and development of each participant. This means that your martial arts program isn’t just a martial arts program any more… making the SKILLZ Fit program more than your average group fitness class.

Here are the four types of classes and the skills covered in each class:

  • Class 1: Fundamentals and Functional Fitness
  • Class 2: Endurance and Cardio Strength
  • Class 3: Strength and Stretching
  • Class 4: Performance and Core Strength

By providing four different class types and focusing on a total of eight fitness skills, this well-rounded program will keep classes exciting, fresh, and results-driven like no other fitness program on the market! You’ll retain students longer. You’ll gain loads of referrals. And even better, you’ll add a whole new source of income with this revolutionary turnkey fitness curriculum!

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