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Classes for Teens and Adults

Students of all ages have enjoyed becoming physical fit, losing weight, relieving stress, and regaining flexibility. All students also learn self-defense and become better able to face any of life’s challenges with confidence. Students learn how to set and accomplish goals which leads to an improvement in self-esteem.


Physical Well-Being: Taekwondo helps to tone and strengthen the body without the use of weights. Taekwondo stretches also help improve flexibility. It also helps improve coordination and balance. Doing these things leads to stress relief.

Self-Defense: Taekwondo gives you techniques and strategies to help defend yourself. We also incorporate aspects of Hap Ki Do to aid in this.

Self-Improvement: Taekwondo helps improve self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-discipline. It also gives you a positive attitude and teaches you respect for yourself and others. Taekwondo helps to improve concentration, which leads to improved grades and work performance and personal success as an individual.

Goal Setting: Taekwondo helps in learning to set goals beyond your current limitations and then achieve those goals.