Skillz Fit

The “Fit” in SKILLZ Fit stands for: Functional Interval Training. This program incorporates basic martial arts techniques with four different types of classes, each targeting two fitness skills.

This format maximizes the growth and development of each participant. This means that your martial arts program isn’t just a martial arts program any more… making the SKILLZ Fit program more than your average group fitness class.

Here are the four types of classes and the skills covered in each class:

  • Class 1: Fundamentals and Functional Fitness
  • Class 2: Endurance and Cardio Strength
  • Class 3: Strength and Stretching
  • Class 4: Performance and Core Strength

By providing four different class types and focusing on a total of eight fitness skills, this well-rounded program will keep classes exciting, fresh, and results-driven like no other fitness program on the market! You’ll retain students longer. You’ll gain loads of referrals. And even better, you’ll add a whole new source of income with this revolutionary turnkey fitness curriculum!

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