Sparring Rules

Free sparring is a privilege. In protection of you and other students, control must be used at all times. Any student who does not use good control or attend regular classes will not be permitted to spar. This will be under the guidance and discretion of the Chief Instructor. It is our family policy that if a student hurts another student, then that student may not return to sparring without the Chief Instructor’s prior approval. For safety, students in sparring or competition are required to wear protective padding. We do not allow students to hurt each other, nor do we allow them to chance hurting themselves. You may speak to any of our staff of professionals as to the proper time to order gear.

Required sparring gear is headgear, mouthpiece, hand gear, shin guards, personal protector (male only), forearm pads, and footgear. This equipment must be school issued. (No exceptions)

If a student meets the following specifications, some of the equipment may be eliminated. Adult students reaching the rank of Black Belt may remove the headgear. The school strongly recommends that all students, regardless of rank, wear a complete set of sparring gear for optimum safety.